KemLaurin is a Post-Corporate Design Strategy agency, offering next generation mentoring for personal brands, small businesses and others seeking to solidify their place in the digital economy. 

We live and breath the tech zeitgeist and grounded in the ideal that life is not just about work but about enabling a sustainable life worth living and showcase all the best of your passions.  We also firmly believe in an inclusive future for all and passionate about our dynamic economy and the future of work empowerment for all.

Small businesses, personal brands,  and individuals, alike,  demand an evolved form of strategic thinking to survive the shift in how we will work in the future. For generations companies have had the advantage of group think and strategist working to grow their brand and products and to evolve and adjust as a business. Understanding this need, founder Kem-Laurin transitioned out of the Corporate work environment, where she led design and content strategy teams on a wide variety of platforms from mobile to 3D Animation, Logistics & Assembly, Postal Automation, Healthcare Informatics, and Medical, to name a few.  She now brings her innovative, informed Strategic leadership skills to empower individuals and small business struggling to create their Brand experiences and monetize the "gig economy" and survive work futures! 

  • Understand & articulate Your Brand Value
  • Know Your Story to success
  • Chart out your path to create opportunities
  • Leveraging what is unique to you, and you alone. 

Make us your Brand Experience and Empowerment partner as you take on the digital economy! 


Kem-Laurin is also author of the book User Experience in the Age of Sustainability - A Practitioners Blueprint - a text in various graduate level design programs in Asia, Europe and North America. She is also the holder of several patents and a regular writer on Medium Platform. A subset of those writings appear on our Blog.

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