Founder, Kem-Laurin Lubin

Kem-Laurin Lubin

Founder & Creative Muse in Chief

Kem-Laurin has an amazing ability to see the 'big picture' when it comes to designing the brand experiences.  Prior to taking on her life passion of empowering people, Kem-Laurin worked for 3 multinationals - Autodesk, where she led the Product Design team for the flagship Animation product, Maya;  Blackberry, where she drove for the institutionalization of User Experience, managing large teams. She also worked in Germany and the US for and Siemens, dreaming up virtual solutions for apps from Healthcare Information and Medical software. Kem-Laurin is passionate about life and the ideal that as the economy changes that everyone, not just big companies get the same innovative and creative skills working for them. She now offer the same guidance to individuals and small businesses trying to keep ahead in a dynamic technological landscape.

She currently employs a number of vetted subcontractors to execute on projects as she grows her team.

Kem-Laurin is also holder of numerous patents and author of "User Experience in the Age of Sustainability." She drove the institutionalization of design at Siemens, Blackberry along with numerous consultancy roles, including the hands-on building of Platform Maidstr, where she remains an investor today. Her recent corporate engaement was managing the Product design team for Maya, Autodesk 3D Animation application. In her private life, she enjoys tropical landscapes, gardening,  mothering, socializing enjoying life with friends and family, and embracing all the ups and downs as they come. She believes everyone has it in them to live a good life! 


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