Story behind our service offerings

Traditional Product and User Experience (Ux) Design has a traditional in the practice of Human Machine Interaction (HCI), User Interface (UI) and Usability Research, combined. Underlying these 3 areas of Product development are core methods and techniques utilized by practitioners to drive product brand experience ideation and realization. Emerging out of these practices, KemLaurin brings all the power of Strategic Design theory and practice to evolve an area of practice aligned with the technological zeitgeist,  in the niche space of enabling individual brands and startups in the digital economy. 

Our three (3) core offerings leverages the full force of years of theory and practice, combined with techniques to enable and empower people to create sustainable brands that compete.  Utilizing the full artillery of best design strategy methods, we offer 3 key niche offers, infused with our own KemLaurin value and DNA: 

  • Brand Coaching
  • Brand Storytelling  
  • Ecosystem Review

Brand Coaching

The digital economy demands special attention to brand development. Much like a Personal Life Coach who is there to enable personal empowerment and development, we believe that financial success is also core to living a good and sustainable life. At no time in our history is this more paramount. KemLaurin brand coaching provides a foundation for your business success. Our service is built around a rigorous, goal driven alliance that will help you articulate your brand value and most of all know your brands “why?” to facilitate the growth and success that you want to achieve.  

Understand Your Objectives -  Define Your Brand Values -  Articulate your brand DNA -  Define Your Strategy -  Message & Market -  Grow

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Brand Storytelling

Storytelling is a shared human experience for which we all anticipate the words "happily ever after." And so it stands brands must also have a good story - a vision with a narrative thread to a happy end that will grow your customer base. What is the value proposition of your business that will bring customers? What is that business ideal that can come in many flavors of service offerings to keep the narrative of your business timeless? Let us help you map out the essential DNA of your story line and help position your brand for a happy and sustained ever after. 

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Brand Ecosystem Review

How your brand fares today is no certainty of its future success if you do not understand the climate in which you operate today and make accommodations for tomorrow. Understand the digital zeitgeist and what that means for the evolution of your brand - from social media - to what platforms and tools can keep you evolving to meet the changing pace of market demands. Some questions that drive this offering include:

Who are the competing brands in your space?

How is your brand different?

Is your brand sustainable outside the social media space?

Are your  brand values portable outside social media